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The Lycan King's Truce Mate
book-rating-imgUMUR UNTUK MEMBACA 18+
HIGHLY RATED AND GRAPHIC CONTENT. TRIGGER WARNINGS. READERS' DISCRETION IS ADVISED. “I own you now, wolfie, You will have to obey everything I command you to do. Now strip!!” Trinity Lake knew her fate was already laid out when she accepted the offer. She slowly stripped off her clothes and stood naked in front of him. She wasn't going to let him know that she was scared of him. “How would you want me, rough or slow? Either way, I'm nothing but a truce to you, I'm all yours” **** To protect their pack from the war that is befalling them with the Lycans, alpha Shepard Lake has to give his precious and only daughter as a truce to the Lycan king. Trinity Lake was devastated when she heard she was given to the ruthless Lycan king to save her people. Knowing her fate and the story, she has heard about the Lycans who hated werewolves and would do anything to wipe them off from the surface of the earth because they believed they were never meant to exist. She feared for her life and how she would be treated by them. Scared as she was being taken into a life she never imagined she would ever find herself in. Jaxon Hunter always thought he was the king, and nothing would stop him or make him bend his knees until the little Wolf girl was given to him as a truce. His mate. ‘A Lycan and a werewolf can never be mates, but a little pleasure wouldn't hurt,' he had thought to himself. But what happens when the pleasures turn to love? Will Jaxon Hunter accept the werewolf as his mate and finally accept the werewolf race, or would Trinity Lake be in danger while trying to win the Lycan King's heart? This is the second book of the SLAVE series. Book one: The Alpha's Slave mate (January 3r,d 2023) Book two: The Lycan King's Truce Mate (Coming soon) Book three: The Lycan King's Slave Mate (Coming soon) Book four: The Lycan king's Obsessed Mate (Coming soon) Book Five: The Lycan Queen's Obsessed Mate (Coming soon)