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Mermaid's Obsession
book-rating-imgUMUR UNTUK MEMBACA 16+
Mprexion Writer
*****A daily update book and strictly for 16+ ***** "Stop!!!!" She yelled from the church entrance, Naked!! "Stop the Marriage, I'm against it!!!" I said the first word that came to my mind then, "Help me!" ** ** ** It all started with a bet. Jace Mandis is the only child of the famous Mandis whose all dream is to become an actor. During one of his escapes from home, he meets Nixie whom he classifies as weird and has a nack of turning up n*led wherever he is but Nixie is his last straw of help from escaping his domineering father. Nixie and her sister left Aradia Ocean to participate in a bet hosted by the queen. They have three months to bring in an arm birthmarked human but all Nixie wants is to find her crush who left the Ocean few days ago. Her family's lives at stake and this cute stranger is making her forget her mission. Where will their fate lead to?