Innovel - Mated to his Breeder
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Mated to his Breeder
book-rating-imgUMUR UNTUK MEMBACA 18+
"What do you mean you don't know?" the man shouts at the Mr Ravi. "I mean I don't know Sir. We don't know anything about her, some hunters brought her in a few months ago but they refused to tell us anything about her Sir" Mr Ravi replies. I don't miss the look of worry on his face, he's scared of the man. Which means I should be even more scared. Mr Ravi isn't afraid of anyone. Who can this man that is asking about me be? "Do at least know how old she is?" the man asks after a moment of silence. That's not good, he's asking more questions. "She turned 20 last month sir," Mr Ravi quickly replies.That's a lie! I want to say but I keep my mouth shut this time. I turn 18 in two weeks, but he can't tell the man that. It's illegal to sell wolves under 18. Same with catching us. It's illegal to catch a wolf under 18. I was brought here a few weeks after turning 17. "Very well, I'll take her. The prince will like her," he says glancing at me again hiding in the far corner of my cage. No, no, no this can't be happening. Not the prince. Anything but the prince! "Right away Sir," Mr Ravi says and runs behind the counter to grab the key for my cage. I watch in fear as he approaches the cage and unlocks it, " Out girl,". I shake my head in fear, " Please no, anything but the prince please, " I beg not moving from where I'm sat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~