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my childhood crush (ep1) bl story
book-rating-imgUMUR UNTUK MEMBACA 12+
alfred ocampo
Win family has been working for Bright's for so long. Making these two ended up spending their childhood together and Win becoming Bright's personal assistance. Bright has this habit where he always become clingy to Win and does skinship anytime and anywhere he wants. And thus, it somehow making Win to suffer."Win, can you please wake Bright up?” a woman in a white blouse that was tucked inside her plaid skirt asked. The man whose name known as Win nodded replied her with a ‘yes’ before the woman left with a smile after saying thank you. Win walked to the second floor and stopped once he arrived in front of a big black door. He knocked on the door twice and ended up opening the door himself as he didn’t get any responses from the inside. Win walked closer towards a black queen-sized bed with a sleeping man on it. Win chuckled as he gets himself closer towards the sleeping man’s face. The cute and baby looking face that he saw right now is not something that people usually saw from this young man called Bright.“Bright, wake up.” Win tapped Bright’s arm lightly, wanting to wake him up but doesn’t want him to wake up in shock due to the sudden touch by him. Bright groaned, not wanting to wake up and pull his blanket to cover his face even more. Once again, it succeeds in putting a smile on Win’s face. Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, a young CEO who is a successor to a very well-known and large company in Thailand. People have usually known him as a cold person due to his appearance. But in reality, Bright is totally different from most people’s presumptions. After spending time with the only successor from the Chivaaree family since his childhood, Win gets to know how mischievous and cute the actual Bright is. Win’s family has worked for the Chivaaree’s family for long. And thanks to that, Win able to spend his childhood along with Bright and now has become Bright’s personal assistance.“Bright, come on. You need to go to work.” He said, reminding the young CEO about his responsibility as he pulled down Bright’s blanket. Bright opened his eyes slowly, trying to adjust the sunlight that goes through the curtains of his room. Bright pouted in dissatisfaction. The twenty-three years old man hates to wake up early and yet Win must suffer from the trouble of waking up this young man every single day.“Can I skip?” Bright asked with a raspy voice, a typical voice of someone who just woke up. Win didn’t bother to answer his question. Despite not being a morning person, Bright is a very responsible person. He knows what he supposed to do, and he does his works excellently. No wonder lots of people admire him. Not only that he is good looking, but he is also smart, talented, very well-mannered, and is also a responsible person. Just like every girl ideal man.“Come on, I’ll help you get up from your cosy bed.” Win offered as he reached out his hand for Bright to pull and get himself up from his bad. Bright held both of Win’s hands. But instead of pulling himself up from his bed, he pulled Win to his side making the man fall on top of him. Bright quickly switched his position, pinning Win below him with his two hands and legs locking Win’s body so he won’t be able to run away.“Good morning, Win.” He said with a soft voice. The gap between them was small, making both able to hear each other’s breath. This is not the first time Bright did it. Bright teased Win a lot. He loves to lessen the gap between them by always hugging Win anytime and anywhere he wanted to. One time, Bright suddenly pulled Win and made him sit on his lap. Another time, Bright would suddenly give Win a back hug and plant a small and not so obvious kiss on Win’s cheek. In conclusion, Bright loves to do skin ship with Win. And to be honest, this is something that Win hates the most from his so-called young master. No, he doesn’t hate the affection that he received. In fact, he loves it. And maybe a little bit too much.At first, Win thought the feeling that he has for Bright was solely as a friend. But as time goes by, he slowly realised that it is so much more than that. The feelings that he has for Bright was not a feeling that you feel for a friend but a lover. The way Bright talks to him, the way Bright treat and take care of him, and how Bright showers him with affection, he loves it. And the worst thing is, he wants all of that to be his. He wants Bright to be his.“Enough Bright! You need to get ready for work.” Win pushed Bright away. He doesn’t want his best friend to hear the sound of his heart beating loudly. And moreover, if Win stays for longer, he might end up kissing the guy who topped him and loosing Bright from his life.“You’re blushing!”“I am not!”“Win, your ears changed colour to red.” Bright teased him followed by a giggle as he stands up. Win covered his ears with both of his hands and gave Bright a threatening glare that doesn’t look scary at all in Bright’s eyes. Bright once again make himself closer to Win, making the other one flustered