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A Tale of Two Hearts
book-rating-imgUMUR UNTUK MEMBACA 16+
Trials are inevitable in life at times. But we'll come across someone who will support us in getting back up and carrying on with our lives. Maziah Del Mundo is a business student at Cinra University, a freed institution owned by her grandmother. Her acquaintances characterize her as amiable, approachable, and always willing to help others. She is also the president of the student council and has a enigmatic yet calm personality. She will not, however, put up with any disrespect shown to other people. She is also proud to be a part of LGBT community. For her, the past few years have been particularly tough - with her parents’ divorce, her girlfriend's betrayal, and her sister's illness all taking an enormous effect. As a result, she has become easily irritable and may not always react in the most positive way, Hence, it's important to approach her with compassion and understanding, as she navigates through these challenging times. On the other hand, Yassi Rielle Santos is a kind and cheerful young woman who aspires to fulfill her parents’ dream of becoming a doctor. It was unfortunate for her as her parents and twin sister died in a car accident, leaving her alone. But in spite of everything that occurs to her, she chooses to go on with her life and search for a stranger who calmed her down, whose voice is like a chilly breeze whispering, and offered her hope and light when she was at her lowest. A Tale of Two Hearts is about two people who share the same experiences in life. While they are unaware of their developing affection for one another, how will their problems and life's lessons impact them?