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Secret has it...
book-rating-imgUMUR UNTUK MEMBACA 16+
Three single girls on vacation in a party resort. Three single boys on a vacation in the same resort. Friendship, love and trust is put to test between these young people when the vacation is over and reality is a fact. Hard decisions has to be made, hearts are going to break and lives are going to be turned upside-down. Sometimes you can't know what the right thing to so is, all you can do is try your best. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Was that necessary?" I ask. "Yep", Jeremy says popping the p, nonchalantly. He is standing in front of me with nothing but a towel around his waist. His hair is wet and his beautiful body is glistening in the light because of the water drops. He's so hot I have to control myself so I don't start drooling. I sigh. ”Now what do you want? And how did you even know where my apartment is?" He asks frustrated as he walks into another room. I follow him and see that he walked into the kitchen. "Don't hate me Jeremy", I beg. "I already feel bad enough". This was what I was afraid of though. Of Jeremy hating me. That's why I left. And he does hate me. It's awful. I'm awful. I'm a terrible human being. ”Okay Jeremy I fully understand why you hate me and..." I start but he interrupts me. "No, you don't f*****g understand a single damn thing!" He shouts as he turns around to face me. "So don't tell me you do!" I'm shocked. I've never heard him swear like this before. I created another Jeremy. It was never my intention. Jeremy storms out of the kitchen and towards the living room. I take a hold of his arms, forcing him to stop. Jeremy pushes me away from him. ”Do not do that again", he warns me.