Innovel - The Lies They Told Us About Balance
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The Lies They Told Us About Balance
book-rating-imgUMUR UNTUK MEMBACA 16+
It is said that all stories have two sides; if that is so, how can we have proper knowledge of something that is or isn't true? What is it that defines the truth? All our lives we've been told that something it's either good or evil, light or darkness, heaven or hell, but if every version has two sides, two perspectives, how can we trust something that's been manipulated, rewritten, over and over again? And if, in fact, we can't, how can we define it as the righteous? - "They taught you what their parents taught them, to live peacefully amongst the ones of your kind, to submit. It doesn't mean that's right." - he said whilst playing with the mug. - " Not everything it's black and white, some things can only be explained if you're able to accept grey."