Innovel - His Possession
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His Possession
book-rating-imgUMUR UNTUK MEMBACA 18+
A young Pre- Operational Transgender name Justine Kyle Veron will fell in love at first sight to the son of their Bosses Mr. and Mrs. Montenegro. She will found out how Miguel Montenegro is Possessive and short tempered. They will be together in their school, for the generousity of the parents of Miguel, and sponsored Justine's Education in return she will help Miguel in their studies. Miguel also fell in love with her and was anxious of the strange emotion cursing through his being and will be strict at first in treating Justine, but will eventually be melted by his love to her . Miguel Montenegro will be obsessed with Justine Kyle Veron the new son of their new Yaya named Minda. They will feel love, happiness and sadness at the same time. Justine had to break up with him for the safety of Miguel, even though it will hurt both of them she had to sacrifice. She did everything to save the person she love and they will loss each others grip and let go for the mean time. They will be separated but in love. They will have their separate ways bit will eventually found each other hearts and arms together.They were meant to be and Miguel Montenegro made it possible to have Justine Kyle Veron his possession. Come and witness the love story of Justine Kyle Veron a transgender and The son of the richest family in the whole country Miguel Montenegro. Witness how they will face their love conflicts and how their love will blossom and eventually live a happy life together. Language Used : Taglish